Covid-19 Policy

The Garden in Harrington has implemented the following policies to keep customers and The Garden in Harrington family safe during the Covid-19 pandemic:


In the field: There are two persons working in the field here in The Garden in Harrington. Gloves are worn when working with the flowers in any capacity in the garden. 


When preparing bouquets: One person will be preparing the bouquets. Handwashing with soap and warm water will take price prior and/or gloves will be worn while working with the flowers. All work will take place on a freshly sanitized work surface with sanitized tools. 


When delivering flowers: One person will be delivering the bouquets. Any handling of the bouquets will be done with gloves on. Delivery of the flowers is porch drop off only. Strict social distancing of 2m will be maintained during delivery and an email will be sent upon delivery to notify that the delivery was completed.

At the farm stand:

  • Please maintain a social distance of 2m from other customers and be patient if someone else is at the farm stand when you arrive.

  • All staff interactions with customers are made from a distance of 2m or more.

  • Payment options:

    • preferred method: e-transfer to

    • contactless credit card payments may be processed on site. This will require reading your card numbers aloud or you placing your card to be visible to staff.

  • Pick up of flowers at the farm stand can be made without direct interaction with staff.

  • If you feel sick, please stay home and order your flowers online. We will be happy to deliver them to you.

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