Hand tied, market style bouquets filled with freshly harvested blooms and delivered to your door regularly throughout the harvest season. Bouquet Subscriptions are available Monthly, Seasonally, or the full season:

  • Monthly Subscriptions provide 4 consecutive weeks of flower delivery - 4 bouquets - during harvest season.
  • Seasonal Subscriptions provide 8 consecutive weeks of biweekly flower delivery - 4 bouquets - in either Spring (May, June), Summer (July, August) or Fall (September, October)
  • Bi-weekly Full Harvest Subscriptions provide 18 consecutive weeks of bi-weekly flower delivery during harvest season - 9 bouquets delivered June through October. 
  • Weekly Full Harvest Subscriptions provide 18 consecutive  weeks of weekly flower delivery - 18 bouquets - during harvest season. 


All gifted Bouquet Subscriptions are sent in a handmade card.


Note: Any subscriptions purchased now will automatically be subscriptions for the 2021 harvest season.

Bouquet Subscription

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  • The flowers sold at The Garden in Harrington have been grown on site right here at the farm in Oxford County. We are dedicated to growing our flowers simply and sustainably. We do not spray to eradicate pests or diseases unless we have no other choice. Our goal is to grow flowers that look fantastic, smell heavenly, encourage biodiversity and offer a local option for flowers in and around Oxford County, Ontario. 

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