Feather Celosia is celebrated in this soft and shaggy styled wreath. The bold summer hues of the fuschia and yellow celosia have toned down as they dried to create this fall, muted colour wreath. This wreath is 12" (inner diameter measurement).

Celosia Wreath

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  • The flowers sold at The Garden in Harrington have been grown on site right here at the farm in Oxford County. We are dedicated to growing our flowers simply and sustainably. We do not spray to eradicate pests or diseases unless we have no other choice. Our goal is to grow flowers that look fantastic, smell heavenly, encourage biodiversity and offer a local option for flowers in and around Oxford County, Ontario. 

    The dried flowers we sell at The Garden are no different! They are all grown here at the farm and are also preserved here on site. These flowers are a great option for anyone wishing to buy local flowers throughout the winter months! Our dried flowers are sold au naturel - without any preservative sprays added. With delicate care, they should last well in any indoor space. If you wish to add an extra layer of protection to your dried flowers once you have purchased them, you may choose to apply a clear coat of strong hold hairspray or matte varnish.

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