Garden shares are used like gift cards to purchase flowers from The Garden in Harrington.


Flowers available to garden share holders are sold by both the stem ($2-5 per stem) and the bunch ($12 -$30). With garden shares from the Garden In Harrington, you are free to select the number and/or style of flowers that you prefer (from our seasonally available flowers), at any time throughout the harvest season. Delivery for flowers purchased with garden shares are free for the summer of 2020 within our delivery area. Please review our delivery area here.

Garden share holders are eligible for special perks - offers, discounts and on-farm events throughout the season. These perks are only available for garden share holders: 

  • an on-farm afternoon garden tea party,

  • share holder only workshops, 

  • pick your own events,

  • half price days; 

  • and even some free flowers!

Garden shares are perfect for any individual, family, group, or organization looking for either a smaller-than-bouquet amount of flowers weekly, or larger amounts of flowers on an occasional basis throughout the season. 

There is no limit to the number of garden shares an individual may purchase, and a share may be redeemed in full or in parts as you wish, however, we require a maximum redeemable value of only one full share per visit or per purchase.

There are a limited number of shares available.

Fall 2020 Garden Share orders : Currently, we are past the harvest season for 2020. Any garden share purchase now ensures that you have access to fresh flowers from the garden as soon as they become available in spring of 2021! Flower season begins in June and continues into October. Weather conditions may affect the choice of flowers available and the length of the season. 

Garden Share

  • The flowers sold at The Garden in Harrington have been grown on site right here at the farm in Oxford County. We are dedicated to growing our flowers simply and sustainably. We do not spray to eradicate pests or diseases unless we have no other choice. Our goal is to grow flowers that look fantastic, smell heavenly, encourage biodiversity and offer a local option for flowers in and around Oxford County, Ontario. 

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