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What we grow

An abundance of beauty!

We love what we grow.   We know that flowers put smiles on people's faces! That is one of the main reasons we do what we do.  We believe that you need to smile every day - a lot!  Flowers are one of the ways that we can help you smile and a way that you can brighten someone else's day.  

We are fortunate to have enough fertile soil to grow enough flowers to always have some flowers for you or those you want to share with.  We also want to be able to share our flowers beyond our patrons.  We have a program designed to get our flowers into the hands of local community groups to brighten the days of people who might not otherwise have a chance to enjoy our flowers. We hope that this brings a little cheer to their day.  

To meet your need and share with others, we grow flowers - plenty of them.  We don't want to run out.  If we can provide you with flowers, meet your last-minute desires, share with our local community and use some plant matter to create compost for future flower growing, we have done what we hoped.

To make this happen, we have 4 fields planted have 120+ varieties of flowers and foliage growing here at The Garden throughout the growing season. We started in 2020 with just under half an acre. In 2022, we expanded on just over an acre of growing space. In 2023, we have even more growing space and even more flowers! Watch as we continue to grow! 

We also have a field of veggies, our fruit/tree berry patch, loveable schtick and trees.  All these provide for our family's needs but also provide us with various elements used in our floral arrangements, and sometimes we can offer their fruits for sale.

We will also have a complete list of flowers growing on-site for the 2023 season coming soon. Watch this space for updates.

The Little Country Flower Shop

Season Hours


Dawn to Dusk (weather permitting)
Dawn to Dusk (weather permitting)
Dawn to Dusk (weather permitting)
Dawn to Dusk (weather permitting)
Dawn to Dusk (weather permitting)
Dawn to Dusk
(weather permitting)
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