Flowers & Veggies CSA

Locally gown cut flowers and vegetables are a match made in heaven. Add in a little special baked good or locally raised honey and it gets even better!

Each week, we will provide you:

  • A posey bouquet of our fresh local beautiful flowers.

  • ($15 value) A locally sourced baked good or treat.

  • ($5-7 value)

  • A selection of 5-6 fresh produce items harvested from our fields ($20-24 value)

And even better yet, since this is a pilot program for us here at The Garden, we are looking for local supporters that are willing to help us give this a try. We are offering a great discount for any of our first year subscribers!

Subscribe weekly: Regularly priced $40 subscription ($43 value), this year just $34. Order weekly - based on limited availability only.

Subscribe monthly: 4 weeks of food and flowers. And we'll automatically give you a 5% discount off one month of subscription in 2023. Regularly priced $160 subscription ($172 value), this year just $128. Monthly Subscriptions must be ordered by the 20th of the month before you wish to order. Ie. order by May 20th for your June box. 

Subscribe to the entire 20 week season: 20 weeks of consecutive food and flowers. We'll automatically give you a 10% discount off a monthly or full season subscription in 2023, we'll add in one additional week of food and flowers, and we'll add in an additional full sized market bouquet to one of your weekly box. Regularly priced $840 ($1042 value), this year just $672.

The CSA begins the first week of June! Pick up at the farm weekly, or free delivery in a limited delivery area.

Ready to subscribe now? Click here to order.


Just what veggies and flowers can you expect to find in your CSA box?

This year, our flower farm will feature over 100 different varieties of flowers. Your weekly posey will feature the freshest flowers that week!

In addition to the flowers, we are planting the following veggies for your CSA box:

Arugula, Asian Greens, Beans, Beets, Cabbage, Carrots, Cucamelon, Cucumber, Eggplant, Ground Cherry, Kale, Kohlrabi, Lettuce, Peas, Pumpkin, Radish, Winter Radish, Squash, Tomatillo, Tomato (heirloom), Turnip, Watermelon, Zucchini/ summer squash. 

Are the veggies and flowers organic?

We grow all our flowers and veggies using organic and sustainable fundamentals. We use cover crops, compost manure, integrated pest management, bood, sweat, tears, prayers, hard word and luck. All this to say that although we are not certified organic, we do not use any pesticides - all the food and flowers grown in the garden are consumed by our own family, so you can trust it for yours too.

What happens if I order a full season share and need to skip a week? 

Vacations happen - especially in summer! Our flowers and produce are also at the peak of their growing season. If you need to skip a week please let us know - you can either have:

1. A friend or family member pick it up or 

2. You may cancel that weeks share and arrange for one of our Market Bouquets to be delivered to you the week before Thanksgiving. 

What happens if I absolutely HATE a veggie and don't want it in my box?

If you are a Delivery customer we are sorry but we cannot accommodate adjustments.  

If you are a Farm Pickup customer we will attempt to provide some options for you. When you come to pickup your box we will have access to a swap box. We will place extra selections in the box. You will be allowed to swap up to 2 items you don’t want with an other 1-2 options in the swap box. 

What the differences between A Delivery Customer and a Farm Pick Up customer?

As a Delivery customer you will have the flowers, produce and a treat we select for you delivered weekly to your door - no fuss, no hassle!

As a Farm Pickup customer you will be able to regularly see your flowers and produce grow, you will have the ability to swap up to 2 items in your share (while supplies last) and you will be able to pickup extras when we have a bumper crop should you so desire.  

What happens if I choose farm pick up and miss picking up my share at the Farm? 

Given our the demands of growing your flowers and produce on the farm we cannot accommodate late pickups. If you miss the pick up times we will donate your share that week. 

What is your Delivery Area? Is there a delivery fee?

Our delivery is free for our Flowers & Veggie CSA and available in our local delivery area only. Our local delivery area is Stratford, Tavistock, Embro, Woodstock, Thamesford, St. Mary's and everywhere in between. If you are outside of our delivery area you are more than welcome to pick up your CSA box or we can deliver to a friend or family in the delivery area. You are also welcome to pick up your box if you want to visit the farm!

If you opt for home delivery, please identify a safe, shaded area for delivery location. We do not want your flowers and veggies to wilt if you are not home when we deliver.

Will you provide refunds?

We purchase seed and materials based on your subscription. In fact, we are growing your food just for you! For that reason, refunds are difficult, however we understand that issues do arise and if a refund is required, we will work with you to find a suitable solution.

What is expected of me as a part of this pilot CSA program?

We ask that you would show us patience as we work out the kinks of the process and that you would provide feedback on your experience, the harvests, and the treats.  

What are the benefits of our CSA?

  • A unique box: Fresh local produce paired with our beautiful flowers and a weekly special treat. 

  • Supporting local: this is our family’s business you are building the local economy and community when you chose to support local!

  • Exclusive Sales: Often we have special deals only available to members on our floral and produce.

  • Education: We love talking about farming and agriculture, and questions you have you can talk to us!

  • Watch your food grow: We have nothing to hide, come watch your lettuce grow! We are open 4 days a week for you to come and see the farm.  Our patio overlooking the flower fields is open daily subject to weather!

  • Know your Farmer: We have a small staff, it’s mostly our family! We love to have a positive relationship with you and your food.

What is Community Supported Agriculture?

A CSA is an innovative way to connect the consumer and grower, each making a commitment to the other in a mutually beneficial relationship. It is a way of connecting you with the food you eat, the land it grows in and the people who tend its growth! CSA expand and broaden their communities at the root! People seeking sustainable grown produce, and a connection with where their food comes from, purchase a “share” in the farm early in the season. This assists the farm in the purchasing of seeds and farm materials at a time of year when financial resources are limited. In exchange, the farm commits to providing a weekly share of the harvest to each member. As a member you will also receive emails with upcoming events, recipes to compliment your veggies, and updates about activities on the farm and in the wider farming community. From time to time we host member events at the farm and May have occasional opportunities to volunteer on the farm.