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Frequently asked questions

  • Why choose locally grown flowers?
    There are so many reasons to grow and buy locally grown flowers! flowers from The Garden in Harrington are fresh picked and will last longer than other flowers that have travelled farther to get to you. Here, Southern Ontario, most flowers travel more than 1100 kilometres from grower to vase, but flowers grown in Oxford County just don't have to travel that far from farm to vase. Local flowers means more variety! Some of the prettiest flowers don't travel well and just cannot make the trip from distant growing fields to your vase. The Garden in Harrington can grow flowers like Zinnias and Sweet Peas and get them to your door fresh, and beautiful! Local flowers just smell better. Flower varieties grown locally have a great scent and are picked at their peak freshness. These flowers smell like the flowers your grandma used to bring in from her garden in ways that the flowers shipped in from a distance just don't. Local flowers are better for your health and the health of the planet. Not only do flowers brighten a dreary day and make us all feel a little happier, the Garden in Harrington is also a small flower farm that works with regenerative and sustainable garden practices to avoid pesticide use altogether. Our flowers, look great and smell fantastic - without any toxic sprays!
  • How do I buy flowers from The Garden in Harrington?
    Buy your flowers directly from The Garden! Purchase your flowers online for delivery or pickup, or our flowers are available on site right here at our farm. Visit The Little Country Flower Shop onsite here at the garden to find freshly harvested bouquets, individual cut flowers, fresh grown food and edible flowers, and other unique handmade floral goods. Watch our facebook and instagram pages for updates on hour hours and harvest seasons.
  • Is your produce chemical free?
    Yes! We strive to be sustainable and use more creative, herbicide and pesticide free ways to keep our flowers, food, and soil healthy and beautiful. We work to keep balance and sustainability in mind. If you take home a beetle or aphid among your blooms, rejoice with us that this "food source" is bringing many beneficials into our fields so that our flowers continue to grow and thrive all summer long. All of our grown-right-here food and flowers are enjoyed by my own family first. If it isn't safe for my family, then we don't use it.
  • Does The Garden in Harrington provide delivery for flowers?
    We currently offer online ordering and delivery for orders in our delivery area. We offer free delivery (minimum $25 order) to our local area on Thursday evenings. These areas include: Stratford, Mitchell, St. Mary's, Thamesford, Woodstock, Ingersoll, Embro, Tavistock . We also offer delivery to London, Kitchener/Waterloo, Cambridge and New Hamburg areas every other Saturday or by appointment as required for an additional fee.
  • Does The Garden in Harrington sell wholesale flowers to florists and event planners?
    If you are a florist or event planner looking to use locally grown flowers in your work, we would be happy to help you! Contact us to discuss your needs.
  • Can we visit The Garden in Harrington and see the flower farm?
    Yes! There are many opportunities for you to enjoy time at The Garden. You are welcome to come out to The Garden and enjoy The Terrace anytime to enjoy the view of the flower fields; as a place to relax, meet up with friends, have a meeting, or a small event. The Terrace is open for visits dawn to dusk 7 days a week. The Terrace is open as a come-as-you-wish space. If you wish to reserve the space for a meeting or special occasion, please contact us in advance of your event to ensure the space is available. There is no charge for using the terrace space. Tours of the flower field are available upon request. Also, in 2023, watch for opportunites to join us for High Tea, picnics in the flower field, homeschool days, Flower Hour, and our fun Come, Learn & Grow program. And, our Little Country Flower Shop is open regular hours throughout the harvest season. Watch this site and our social media pages for harvest season store hour updates.
  • Can The Garden in Harrington be used as a location for photographic shoots?
    The Garden in Harrington is a working farm, and its views and vistas are ever changing, particularly since we are a new venture. If you wish to use The Garden in Harrington as a backdrop in any of your photographs, please contact us with your preferred dates and we can review what flowers might be blooming and appropriate for your shoot. There is a $50 fee for commercial photography use. Brides with The Garden can use the fields for no charge for their wedding photos.
  • Do you ever have extra blooms?
    Flowers love to bloom and in season, it is quite possible that our plants produce more blooms than we sell. Whenever this happens, we deliver and donate all of our extra blooms to local seniors residences, care facilities and shut ins. If you work within a care facility that would appreciate extra flowers, please contact us!
Did we answer all of your questions? If you need more specialized assistance, please click the link below to get in touch.
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